Karen's waiting for us in the lane. There's Oakley - you know him well, Budleigh - and that's Sadie who's staying with Oakley for the weekend.

Oakley and Sadie are true water babies. In you go, Budleigh. Don't be scared.

Sadie says the water's lovely!

See - Oakley's got the ball. You try.

No one loves a dog who won't share.

And that means you, Budleigh. Come on, give it back.

Beside the Bissoe Trail there's heather and any amount of exciting smells.

There's arsenic in the little river that runs parallel to the track. It comes from the old disused mine workings. That's why the grass is so vividly green. Don't fall in!

We have to cross the road to get from one section of the Trail to the other.
Paws at the edge the way you've been taught, Budleigh, then Over!

It's OK, we're coming. We know you're eager to get home.

You've all been so good. Have a lovely romp on Karen's lawn. You'll sleep well tonight.

Words and photos: Christine