Remember Autumn, Budleigh?

Look at the garden - all those leaves blown down by the wind. This means that Autumn is really here. Remember?

The trees are turning red and gold. Oh, I forgot that dogs don't see colour the way we humans do - but I believe you can see yellow.

This little spaniel is off for a walk along the lane. We're going to the woods at Trelissick. You'll love it there.

Your coat almost matches the leaves. Don't get lost.

My goodness - look at the size of the stick he's carrying! He's in a hurry to keep up with his humans. No time to stop and play.

Now we can see the river through those trees.

The water doesn't look very inviting in November, does it?

There's a heron down there. It's waiting patiently for a fish to swim past. That was the croaking noise we heard a moment ago.

Ah, the delicious scents of Autumn. Have a good sniff.

Where are you, Budleigh? We can hear your bells very faintly in the distance. You must be chasing squirrels in the woods high above us.

We've been calling for ages. Back on your lead with you.

You could learn something walking quietly along. These are mixed deciduous woodlands. The trees here are mostly beech, oak, sycamore and evergreen holly, managed by the National Trust.

Time to head for home. It's quite a long walk back to the car.

Your coat is damp and your paws are muddy. Hugh thinks you look like a boxer after a match.
You must be exhausted. We reckon you've run about 4 miles.
Isn't Autumn the best?