Perranporth Beach

Here we are on the glorious wide beach at Perranporth. Damp packed sand, surf rolling in. So exciting for a small dog but the waves rush at you so fast that it's scary.
Budleigh's not a water dog.

Careful, Budleigh. Don't even go near to this Portuguese Man of War. Hundreds have been washed up along the Cornish coast.
Yes, we know it's dead but it's best to be cautious.

There are dogs running everywhere. Some people have more than one!
Sometimes, though, they don't appreciate being disturbed while they change after swimming.

Here's a friendly spaniel with a special ball on a loop of rope. Lucky him. It looks even more interesting than Budleigh's new tennis ball. Let's see if they'll play together.

The ball goes flying. Budleigh's a fast runner - really fast - but the spaniel gets there first.

Never mind, there'll be other visits to the beach now it's October and the 'No Dogs on This Beach' ban has been lifted.
And we'll buy you one of those exciting toys.

Photos: Hugh
Words: Christine