It ain't 'arf 'ot!

Suddenly, we have a heatwave!
This is all new to Budleigh: days spent panting and squinting against the sunlight.

Even under the twisted willow he lies drowsy and exhausted. No energy, even for his favourite games.

Everyone's in shorts and bare feet. Budleigh likes to use friendly feet as a pillow. Thank you, Hugh.

There's nothing to be done. He'll just have to sleep it off until the heatwave is over.


Birthday boy

Happy Birthday, Budleigh.
You are two years old today!

Look how tiny you were when we first met you, the smallest of four brothers.
We're so glad that you were the last one of the litter left with your mother.
Have a happy day - you always do!


Budleigh photo: Joe Kent

Budleigh by the sea

We spent a family day on Durgan beach. Of course, Budleigh came too.
Toby has a new paddle board and everyone wants a go.

The water's lovely. Come on in, Budleigh.

Don't just bark at the waves.

Do you feel safe enough to dip a paw?
Apparently not.

Look, Budleigh! Other dogs are enjoying the sea. This little Jack Russell went right in and dragged a huge stone back up the beach.

This is more like it. Tegen or Ysella may accidentally drop something delicious.

Better luck here, perhaps? If Budleigh stares hard enough Jess may give in.

What about his good pal Toby? Yes, at last, a morsel of flapjack to keep a body from starving entirely.

Nothing on earth (or in the sea) would persuade him to jump from the rocks.

This is the best place: sitting on a rock in the sun in perfect safety with his favourite person.
Happy holidays!