North cliffs

This is Mawnan Porth on the North Coast, Budleigh.
Surfers call these waves 'messy.'

Toby is on this coast somewhere, paddle boarding with his mates. He'll be on his new board.
Any sign of him yet?

This isn't Toby.

Lots of people are out today, just watching the waves.

What's this game they're playing here? We think it's some sort of skittles crossed with boules. Not for dogs anyway.

Let's leave them all to it and go for a cliff top walk. Many steps up and down.

Don't look down!

Life guards are keeping a close watch, making sure surfers stay within the area marked by their flags.

So no swimming here for anyone, human or dog. Keep to the path Budleigh.

Tired, are you? Let's make our way back.

Heavy rain is coming in. If we hurry, we'll make it to the car before we're all drenched.

The tide is changing. There go the guards, turning their vehicle before it sinks in softer sand.

Toby must be paddle boarding from another beach. Next time maybe.