Long autumn shadows

It's a glorious day, not a cloud to be seen. Let's go to Perranporth. The beach there is wide and beautiful.

The sand is smooth with hardly any footprints anywhere.

Lots of people are walking with their dogs. It seems that everyone has a furry companion like you, Budleigh.

Horses are plodding along. Hugh wishes he had his lovely horse Sienna with him. How she would have loved the freedom and the soft sand but I think she has never seen the sea in all her life.

Some people come on horseback, others exercise their dogs this way. That's a handy buggy.

Don't on any account touch one of these jelly fish, Budleigh, not even with the tip of your nose.

Look! There are thousands of them on this beach stretching in a glistening line from end to end.

Oh no, you mustn't steal toys. This lady isn't at all pleased that you took her dog's ball.

Here's a reward for giving it back - after a bit of a battle.

No one's going to take this toy away. Budleigh's property. You're not good at sharing are you?

A quick drink from the new dog bottle. Far better for you than all that sea water you drank last time.

The sun is low and we're casting long shadows. We've had a perfect afternoon on Perranporth beach.