Just published

After a number of years 'interviewing' Hugh and collecting his memories of life on the farm in the Brecon Beacons where he grew up, I published 'Days at Cnewr with Flash and Cocoa'. It pleased me very much at the time to see my words and photographs in print but I was less satisfied with the book's design. Now I have re-written the text and, working hard with Hugh to overcome numerous problems which arose from using Blurb, our book has a new look.

It is available in hardback from Blurb or Amazon and can also be purchased in a more affordable way for Kindles and other digital forms.
Hugh had a wonderful wild childhood. He might have stayed in Wales and continued as a shepherd but, fortunately for his family, he became a potter and has had his own studio since the age of 21.

Here's a preview of our book: