Creekside walk

Today we're going to walk by the creek at Coombe. You'll like it there, Budleigh.
You can wear your new Ruffwear harness. Goodbye to that itchy collar.

Here we are at Coombe. Just a few houses at the end of the creek. Very pretty houses which are reached by driving down a lane and over a cattle grid.

The tide is out but we don't want you chasing the ducks or sinking in the mud.

Hear that noise? It's the sound of ducks digging in the mud and slurping up worms. Don't let's disturb them.

There's so much to see - but we'd better walk a bit faster. The weather is looking grim.

Too cold to snow but cold enough to hail. Take shelter under Hugh's coat and we'll sit it out.

While we wait for the hail to ease off, let's look over at the opposite bank where there are some lovely old houses.

Time to retrace our footsteps along the narrow path. You kept up well, Budleigh and enjoyed your walk.
We'll come back in summer and you'll see how pretty the creek and its banks are.