A Blast From The Past

I found some old images of my work from 1975-1979.

One of the main production items

Fruit bowls

Porcelain wine set

Liqueur set porcelain

Porcelain tea set

1968,Porthleven Cornwall. Jon Cheney Pottery.
Me in the background.

Ideas for 2017

Each year the galleries ask for new ideas. I am not very good at this so, well before the new year starts, I have come up with a volcanic glaze and a new technique for me. It is so much fun!!
A new lasagne bowl is coming through, smaller than the old one, decorated this time.
A new transparent glaze that will react with a new blue glaze.
This is the result of numerous tests, each firing since last September.
Happy Christmas to all who read my blog!


Christmas is over for me in the workshop. Now I must look forward to planning my Easter shows. New pots, new glazes.
At the moment I have enough time to try to get it all to work!

Don't yet know how to glaze these!

Large pots

The last few weeks have been a very busy time in the pottery.You will see new work in my works page. Finally I have started throwing large pieces.

You can see these in the finished state on my works page. The first nice photographs.