Budleigh's buddies

You're hoping to play ball with someone, aren't you Budleigh?

I know, sometimes your favourite human is not enough. A dog buddy would be perfect.

Oakley's great fun when he's in a playful mood but, being bigger, he often keeps the ball for himself.

Remember paddling with Sadie?

We go for sedate wanders with Tess and Sam.

And here's dear old Monty, just the one you need when a quiet stroll is called for. Monty mostly keeps to the paths - except when he trots off to inspect someone's garden.

Otis loves rushing all round the garden looking like a flying black feather duster. No wonder he's panting in the July heat.

Look, Budleigh! That's a lucky terrier. His master made this carrier specially for him. There's a piece of blanket to line it with and he's securely attached.
Perhaps one day you'll ride with Hugh when he goes out on his bike. I've seen him looking at very trendy dog trailers on line.
Meanwhile, it's all four paws for you and as many buddies as we can find.