We have bats in the space above our bedroom. They have been there since before we bought the house. Some people would think that maybe they are dirty, disease ridden or simply not the thing to have living in your house. When we were in France our house had some hundreds of bats in the roof space so it is not something unusual for us.

This evening we found a baby bat on an outside wall near the ground. It had obviously just fallen out from the roof space. I was taught not to touch very young bats since the smell of humans can upset things. However, by nightfall this little bat had not flown so I decided to take matters in hand. I placed a ladder to the point in the wall where the roof space begins and picked up the baby on my finger to try to get it to crawl back in. I suffer from vertigo so for me this was a big deal.

The little bat was very cold to the touch but had the energy to crawl back in, giving out faint noises to which the bats inside responded with their adult calls. Let us hope this little one has had a good feed and will make it.